Divy's Formula was birthed in 2019 in Bucharest, Romania; founded by Lavinia-Marina Pascu (Divyananda), who provides marketing services within digital fields such as Social Media Communication, Art and Marketing, Google Ads and Brand Online Marketing Strategies.


Discover your digital voice, image, personality and how to communicate online with  

Brand Online Marketing Strategies


Communication, Art & Marketing

Keep the connection with your customers through out social media platforms 


Be visible on Google with the options of

Google Advertising

Find the one which is proper for your work/company


If you are not sure about what is Digital Marketing and how can help/what type of digital marketing services are proper for your work/company

Keyboard and Mouse


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Level Up

Great! I wasn't big on the importance of social media, actually, I didn't understand the importance of it at all, but Lavinia, with her approach, changed my mind forever. At that time, I had just started with a fresh new project, Level Up, a vegan restaurant in Bucharest, and finding customers was challenging. She helped the business grow in a spectacular manner! The work she did on social media provided an accessible and powerful toolkit for highlighting the cool points of our business, for our product was unique but we needed the people to know about it. Lavinia did fantastic work, all in a positive spirit and with professionalism! Our business grew overnight, due to her approach.


Carmen Druta, owner of Stand Tall Accesories

I worked with Lavi and I am planning to work with her in the future as well. She is a dedicated girl and really passionate about social media and digital marketing. if you're planning to expand your business, to promote your product or to be more present online I will totally recommend her!

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GreenTea House

After a long time in which we didn't have activity on any type of marketing, Lavinia proposed us to start having an online presence. She transformed our old image and built our voice in a strategical way that makes it easier to understand how digital marketing works. We are satisfied with all the work she did and we want to mention that we are her first client. We saw a dedicated person with a lot of passion for what she's doing and this is why we recommend Divy's Formula.