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Divy's Formula was birthed in 2019 in Bucharest, Romania; founded by Lavinia-Marina Pascu (Divyananda), who provides marketing services within digital fields such as Social Media Communication, Art and Marketing, Google Ads and Brand Online Marketing Strategies.

The concept of Divy's Formula is based on my own pure experiences. I started work in the midst of my teens for various small businesses within Bucharest, witnessing the difficulties these businesses encountered as they attempted to grow over the course of time. With some of them still struggling to survive on the market, and others having disappeared forever, I was then prompted to ask myself "but why is this?". Consequently, I discovered a raw passion for marketing, as this field very much coincides with - and has relevance within - the times that we live in, leading me to choose Digital Marketing. 


My mission is to keep you connected by communicating exactly WHO you are, WHAT you do and HOW you or your work/company can HELP or IMPROVE your customers/public daily life.


The primary vision of Divy's Formula is to let it be known that the moment you indentify your true and sincere objectives within your own work, then you are able to really communicate what you want as well as how you can use your work to contribute to society and people's lives.

Better communication creates a stronger connection between you, your work and people.



My experiences with Digital Marketing started in Bucharest, Romania at the GreenTea House, where I learnt how to maintain an online presence on Facebook and Instagram. The basis of my digital work for them was to regularly create posts based on an editorial calendar, plus also creating Facebook and Instagram Ads. Simultaneously, I organised Facebook Events as they have a special space for concerts and theatre. I was further responsible for the design of their social media platforms and content marketing. 




Whilst working for the vegan bistro Level Up, I gained additional knowlegde within the process of creating Social Media accounts from scratch. I had the opportunuty to see how they grew over time, as I created their accounts before they had even open officially opened as a restaurant. Together, we created communication strategies through social media marketing.



Working within a paid internship as a Digital Marketer for Kooperativa 2.0 - Digital Marketing Agency from Bucharest, Romania; was another significant aspect of my career experience. Here, I was able to learn more about PPC (Google Ads) and how an agency works compared to that of a freelancer.


Divy's Formula is now London & Bucharest based and very much looking forward to hear more about your work - with an aim to maintain a healthy level of communication and to keep a strong connection between your work and your public.​

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