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Entrepreneurs During Pandemic

404 days have passed since the coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic in Romania. This means one year, a month and eight days since Bucharest has entered into a state of national emergency, or lockdown, how British people would say.

Andrei, since 2020, is dancing and teaching just online even if this sounds unreal. In this domain, as he says "Is very hard to teach something practical in an online environment, especially when human interaction is needed to have good results."

For all that means restaurants, as we know, they were closed or resumed to receive customers only outside. The ones who still exist, like GreenTea House or Level Up say that they are still here because they extended their companies in online channels, started to collaborate with delivery companies and at least they have a terrace.

"In the summer we were lucky because we have a garden, and we were able to receive customers." says Madalina, while Alina tell with a smile on her face "Our communication with the clients changed and we receive more online feedback than before."

Edi is saying that he is lucky that works in the IT industry and he is advising people from this industry "Make a market research to know better what your clients want and how can you supply them."

Was and still is a difficult situation for all of us, this is why I asked 6 entrepreneurs from my hometown this questions:

1. Who are you?

2. How the pandemic affected your life/work?

3. How your work survived during this situation?

4. What do you recommend to others from your field that still struggles to survive?

Here is the short documentary. Enjoy!

Thank you for watching!

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