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How do ads appear after expressing a wish

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The strangest though of 21st century, isn't it?

It has happened to each of us at least once to have a chat with someone about something that you want to buy and after to see ads on Social Media platforms about that product or service.

But how this happens? Are our social media chats spied by someone? Maybe...

Whith short words this “spying” is made by robots which are created to follow our interests for improving the ads and to make it more personal; that our experience on social media to be more about the things that we are interested.

Everything seems like is created for everyone’s benefit, right?

But how exactly are they following our interests?

Those"robots" are scheduled to follow what words is someone typing in their chats or google search. For example if you type "icecream" is possible to have in next couple of minutes some ads about icecream, but if you type "<brand name> icecream" is very possible to have in next couple of minutes ads from that specific brand name that sells icecream. If you type in your Facebook Messenger chat you will have the ads on platforms Facebook or Messenger but in same time if you type on Google Search can appear on Social Media platforms aswell; even if you are typing by searching on YouTube.

I know that most of people are so bored of ads and most of us are not using social media platforms for buying things, but we live in a word which needs financial stability. Enjoy your time on Social Media and do not forgot to take your breaks.

Stay close for more informations. I am writing about it.

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