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How the pandemic affected your life?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

All started by receiving a task to make a short video on our chosen topic for the Intensive Digital Production module. There are six people in the group - Me, Kas, Divvy, Kinga, Ola, and Ian. We chose the high-profile topic of the pandemic recently, about how the coronavirus changed our lives. We wanted to show what our everyday life looks like during a lockdown. Have we lost our jobs? Do we see family and friends? How do we spend our days in lockdown? We try to answer these questions and share our own stories. It wasn't an easy task because we couldn't meet. Each of us then had to record separate videos, and Ian later had to glue them together to make sense and interesting for the audience.

Our short movie is about some feelings and personalities that people have during the pandemic situation. Each person is separate character. My character, Justyna, represents the casual person who's trying to adapt to the situation as is it. Ola is the positive energy that is trying to see the beneficial part of the situation, but Kas is the opposite seeing just the negative part and became very bored of it. Divy is the rational part that unites the feelings of the characters and Kinga is the reaction of every feeling. Ian is the editor of the final effect.

So, our life changed by 180 degrees during the coronavirus pandemic. We can't go to work or school, we can’t see our family and friends, so we spend most of our time at home unfortunately but the message is to not give up. We hope that our video will help you understand that you are not alone in this. We also struggle with the new reality and are trying to adapt to it. We have different feelings and thoughts but we are all together in this headache.

Someday, time it will pass and this video will be just a memory of the strangest time in our lives.

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