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The impact of Digital Media on people’s everyday life - part I

There is nothing new today in the digital world; the era where every digital and online channel is something normal is here. So common that everyone depends on it. Maybe, someone is a consumer or maybe owns a business, but any kind of person now is dependent or was using at least once in life Digital Media and Digital Marketing. Better said, everyone, is using at least once per day. All the people are first consumers because they need in their life products and services, maybe, to improve, to entertain or to help somehow their way of living. Here occur the companies with options and offers which can be suitable for every person. This “relationship” between consumers and companies usually is kept by Digital Marketing tools. Like every new technology, there is an impact that affects society. Those can be mental, physical, or changes in technology. How these impacts just happened over time? But how was the digitalisation helping us in the pandemic?

In the first place, the evolution of technology impacted the world in many ways. For example, there were times when the world used to write letters by hand. I am a part of a generation that never met this kind of mailing between people, but I heard stories from my grandparents when I used to tell them about e-mailing. I researched about the times when handwriting letters was a necessity and look like overdue of time e-mails were first that replaced them, after a while Social Media is the one that took their place. This change brought some consequences that influenced culture. Handwriting used to be more creative and mind training. More, screens have replaced papers and affect the eyes and mental health; these emitting information to the brain and the mind needs to digest it. The second example is that most of the meetings happen on digital platforms. Accordingly, the behaviour of people is affected by virtual interaction. People tend to isolate themselves and become anxious when will happen face-to-face interactions. Of course, are both positive and negative aspects, but the powerful ones that affect more the mind and the body are usually the negative ones. Is not like the digital world is not creative, because the reality is that it is a part of the creative industries. The general downside is that it takes people away from nature.

Secondly, several physical transformations occurred across the ages that influenced people. Technology created a more comfortable space for the way how people are living. An example might be that today most people are spending their time more inside than outside. To be that much indoor automatically transform any person. Many people tend to be more inactive inside their houses. Numerous interactions happen now on Social Media; people meet other people first on Instagram or Dating applications after face-to-face, but between workers or companies on platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. Companies communicate with their customers via Digital Marketing channels such as e-mail marketing, social media, google ads etc. Even the phone call is not necessary anymore that much. The interactions became less close to the natural one. Today, many physical illnesses are because of spending a lot of time inside, such as back pain or blood circulation. The second example is that people now prefer to entertain themselves on digital platforms. All the favourites artists upload for free their work that anyone who knows how to use the digital channel can see it. Effectively, nowadays, to go outside sounds more like a choice than an obligation. One thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that to go outdoor is a necessity for the mental and physical health.

In conclusion, there are both positive and negative aspects, but all that matters is balance. The evolution of technology is necessary for society, and consequences are inevitable. Every human needs to make their choices, to create and keep their balance.

Stay close to my blog - 2nd part of the article I will post soon.

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