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The impact of Digital Media on people’s everyday life - part II

As long as all the technological transformations and revolutions of digital evolutions influenced physically the world we live in is significant to notice the impact on mental health. One example is establishing on previous arguments. With technological growth, outgrowths like being more inside houses make people feel more anxious. The mood is more likely to change quickly at every moment. Lack of sun makes people feel more depressed, pessimistic. The sun lights are feeding with nutrients and vitamins the body; especially the oxygen which is so essential for brain and blood circulation through all the body. The mental health of every person is affected by his behaviour and routine. The 21st-century cycle is pretty far away from human nature, and the particular reason for the circumstance is the feeling of being safe. For easiness, humanity created comfortable conditions where everyone can enjoy everyday life without bothering each other space. Intimacy is fundamental these days, but this development devised people and created isolation between humans. So, the next example is how isolation is affecting society. People tend to become more anxious when they meet and even begin to avoid each other. Social isolation affects mental health, especially the emotional one. The particular cause of this is that isolation makes every person feel lonely. The feeling of being alone creates a lack of motivation for each person, and the desire to be alive is decreasing. All these feelings and states of mind make less productivity and less impression of happiness. Humans psychology needs to feel that they belong to a group, and isolation in the long term produces an emotional break from reality.

Besides, now humanity is facing a reality that is feeling unreal. This coronavirus situation became step by step a part of every human life, but at the same time, people are still waiting for the end of the pandemic. If we are looking at history, there have been other pandemics. Can someone imagine how people from the past adapt to the virus without the digital and technological comfort we have now? Well is not our case, but we can discuss the benefits of development. The digitalisation helps us during this pandemic situation, especially with isolation. We can stay safe at home and work from home, to study from home, to do online shopping and in some cases to move the business online if that applies. One of the benefits I mentioned is online studying. Millions of kids and teenagers were safe and able to study. Once with the help of creating a website for schools and universities, online class meetings, online libraries or platforms for assignment submissions. Another benefit that I mentioned is online shopping. An advantage that helps in many ways, keeping safe clients or employers. Also, some companies have been able to keep an online connection with their customers; they became more aware of these digital tools. The last example is that some countries needed to adapt to the pandemic becoming more digitalised. Some countries did not establish before pandemic the technological evolutions, but now they were forced to change. Changes that happened are parts of the benefits that satisfy our needs to survive and go over this situation that we are facing.

In conclusion, Digital Media and Digital Marketing became a necessity for people. With a transition that happened step by step, from handwritten letters to writing on computer e-mails, from real office meetings to online meetings, and from offline advertising to google ads. Everything looks like a radical change, for the particular reason that there happened many changes. But with a look at the transition comes up the sense; that any change is just for our needs, to adapt better and build a more comfortable life on earth. This comfort came with outcomes that must be managed in different ways, both positive or negative. From being too much time inside the house, to learn how to keep a balance between nature and digital. With a need for evolution, people built a world that was at the same time useful when unexpected situations appeared out of the blue. I am referring to the actual situation, to the coronavirus that created a lot of isolation and stopped the rhythm of society. Here, Digital Media and Marketing was useful and created a proper adaptation to the situation. Also, was a big step to the change for countries that did not make the next step to the digitalisation. In other words, the impact of Digital Media on people's everyday life is one that is beneficial and negative at the same time; evolving but with chances for environmentally unfriendly if is used in an abusing way.

All are in people's hands and on how they are using all the tools and what type of decisions they took.

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