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What is Digital Media and Digital Marketing

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

To sit on front of the screen all day or not to sit, this is the question!

Digital Media is the media which is consumed and created in digital format

The common platforms that we are using today such as Social Media or Google are a part of Digital Media; it is a part of Creative Industries and of course a part of the internet and virtual life.

Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing which is using all Digital Media channels to promote products or services

For example, that annoying ads that we see on YouTube are a part of online marketing.

Some of the family's members of the tree of Digital Marketing are:

1. Google Ads;

2. Social Media Marketing;

3. E-mail Marketing;

4. SEO;

5. Content Marketing;

6. Customare Value Journey;

7. Website Analytics;

8. Conversion Rate Optimisation.

We are living in these times which are the right time for this type of creative digital arts and analytics. Everyone can express today their thoughts, arts, ideas, work, products or services in an accesibile way. Especially today when is a virus on streets and everyone needs to stay safe and most of the time at home. Most of the attention is on Digital Media.

If you want to know more about the family's members of the tree of Digital Media stay close. I am writing about them.

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