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Who is that annoying person who puts ads on YouTube

Even me as a Digital Marketer I am wondering this thing. I mean for real… Don’t you have something more interesting to do with your life than to do ads on YouTube?

It is impressive how psychology works and that people are so affected by marketing in general, but the digital one common these days and I am saying this word which is key in this domain - “personal”; most of the people are using digital platforms to entertain their life, but in same time all businesses are trying to catch their attention, to sell their products or services which can be useful.

This person is called a PPC (Pay-per-click) Specialist and is responsible for creating a connection between companies and people which can be interested in their services or products.

At first impression this person seems to be so annoying, but in reality there is a lot of work and creativity that needs to be done.

A PPC Specialist needs to have these skills:

  1. Analytical mind;

  2. Technical knowledge;

  3. Creativity;

  4. Communication;

  5. Passion.

PPC Specialist is a job which is a part of Google Advertising. This branch comprises:

  1. Search Ads;

  2. Display Ads;

  3. Video Ads - YouTube;

  4. Apps Campaings;

  5. Shopping Ads.

This type of jobs appeared in our lives in same time with the evolution of technology and internet; everyone moved on digital media and in same time companies needed to catch the attention of people to can sell their products/services. In time everything evolved quick and that because in an industry which in changing day by day, but I am quite courios how can evolve more than this.

Stay close if you are courios too, I will write about every change.

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